William F. Smyth

Originally coming from a mathematics and technology background, William has been involved in the media business since 2010.

His engineering and technical knowledge helped him migrate from the telecommunications industry to online editing and software development.

As founder of The Munich Eye, he has spent the last few years working on technologies in the online and print news business.

William hails originally from Ireland, but currently resides in Munich.

Role: Publisher, News
No. of articles: 15
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Photo by William Smyth

Total Christmas lockdown for Germany

A full lockdown will be imposed throughout Germany from 16th Dec to the 10th Jan.This was decided by the Chancellor in...

Mainstream Media and the Shameless Manipulation of Women

Over a year ago, Donald Trump was elected as the latest US president, in a surprise result which hit the mainstream media...
Munich Engineering Jobs - accepting CVs

Engineering Jobs Fair in Munich

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) is hosting its annual engineering recruitment fair on Thursday 16th November in...

Who Needs Engineers? Germany Does!

Germany enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, with its cities consistently ranking highly in various...

Stammbach Crash leaves many dead

As many as eighteen people are reported missing after a coach crash on the A9 motorway near Stammbach. The tour bus was...

Unterföhring Incident Leaves Four Injured

During a routine police check at Unterföhring S-Bahn station, a man snatched a policeman's gun and tired to push his male...
Anti-vaccine Movement to be fined

German Vaccinations to be Enforced

Recently, Italian legislators cracked down on parents who have deliberately refused to vaccinate their children, and next...
Website Development and Software Engineering

The Growth of Website Software Engineering: Node.js, AngularJS and Ionic3

Rarely, in any field of human endeavour, has the landscape changed so dramatically and so consistently, over such a short...
Finally, a minimum wage for Germany

Germany's first minimum wage - 8.50 Eur

Germany's first ever legislation for a minimum wage has been set by Chancellor Angela Merkel at 8.50 euros an hour (£7;...
Merkel celebrates after historic win

Merkel on top

Berlin: Angela Merkel was reelected the German Chancellor for a third straight time, sending Christian Democratic Union...