Guidelines for Secure Parcel Shipping: Ensuring Correct Delivery

Thu 16th May, 2024

When shipping parcels, senders must make critical decisions regarding delivery methods. Many courier services have the right to deliver packages to neighbors if the recipient is unavailable. This practice, detailed in their General Terms and Conditions, means that packages might not always reach the intended recipient directly. For instance, a Canadian woman recently received 50 unsolicited packages, leaving her puzzled.

Liability for Damaged Goods: Steps to Take

Most parcels come with insurance coverage, typically ranging from 500 to 750 euros, according to the consumer advice center. If a package arrives damaged, it is imperative to report the damage to the courier service immediately, and no later than seven days after delivery. Necessary documentation includes proof of posting and proof of value, such as a receipt or invoice. Timely reporting is crucial for claims processing; failing to provide required documents or delaying the report can forfeit the right to compensation. Options like "hand-held" delivery can ensure that packages are handed only to the recipient or an authorized individual. In early 2024, Amazon enhanced delivery security by introducing a password feature, which provides customers with one-time passwords for added confidentiality, as reported by

Delivery Timing: Regular vs. Express

The delivery times indicated by service providers are generally guidelines without a guarantee of timely arrival, except for express deliveries where specific dates are assured, and delays may be compensated. However, during events such as strikes, courier services often disclaim liability for delays.

Addressing Lost Packages: The Process for Reimbursement

If a package is lost, the sender must initiate an investigation request with the courier service, providing proof of delivery and a detailed description of the contents. The service typically has 20 days to locate the parcel. If it remains unlocated, the sender is entitled to a refund. It is essential to have all necessary documentation properly submitted. Additionally, a new complaint tool from the consumer advice center offers quick assistance for postal and parcel service issues, though it does not substitute for formal legal advice.

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