Bavaria increases flood alerts

The unseasonally wet conditions persisted in recent days, leading to the river Isar rising dangerously amid flood alerts across Bavaria.  Passau was worst hit with both the Donau (Danube) and Inn breaking the banks and completely flooding the old town, in what is considered one of the worst floods in recent times.  In a city renowed for periodic high water levels, due to the meeting of three rivers (Donau, Inn and Ilz), Passau has found itself completely unable to handle this latest emergency, with the German army being called in to assist.

Munich has also seen many areas under water, with riverside paths, cellars and streets flooded.  The Isar under normal conditions is considered dangerous, but Munich residents and vistors are being urged to stay well clear of the river over the next few days as it is particularly treacherous at the moment. Already people have been trapped in cars and severe water damage caused to property.

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