Mallorca Takes Action Against Alcohol-Fueled Tourism

Wed 1st May, 2024

Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayAs spring blooms into summer, the renowned party strip of Mallorca, Ballermann, springs to life, drawing crowds to El Arenal from April onwards. However, the revelry along Schinkenstraße and its counterparts has earned the moniker of "drinking tourism" due to the abundance of alcohol. Mallorca's Minister of Tourism, Jaume Bauzà, refuses to passively observe this trend and is devising new regulations for the Spanish island.

Commencing the Mallorcan party season prompts considerations of restricting alcohol consumption The scenes of inebriated individuals causing disturbances on Ballermann are familiar to many. Bauzà, who assumed office in 2023, aims to reshape the island's drinking culture, particularly popular among Germans. Upon assuming his role, the minister pledged to "preserve the best of current regulations and learn from past experiences," as reported by the Mallorca Zeitung.

Bauzà proposes stringent measures to safeguard tourism in Mallorca, expressing particular concern over the "uncivilized behavior" exhibited by many tourists. However, the initial draft for amending the anti-drinking tourism law faced rejection from the industry. Undeterred, Bauzà remains resolute, indicating that further, more stringent regulations will be explored following discussions with local establishment representatives. In a bid to curb the repercussions of party tourism, the Mayor of Palma de Mallorca has implemented stringent regulations, accompanied by substantial increases in fines.

The proposed measures include:

  • Prohibition of outdoor alcohol consumption
  • Heightened enforcement
  • Ban on nocturnal alcohol sales

Tourism Minister Jaume Bauzà's Vision for Mallorca To avoid deterring other vacationers, Bauzà proposes an outdoor alcohol ban, aligning with measures adopted in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Additionally, plans include intensified enforcement and restrictions on nighttime alcohol sales across the island. Nevertheless, representatives of restaurants, bars, and other establishments express discontent with these changes, fearing potential revenue loss and tourist aversion.

The prospect of a blanket ban on outdoor alcohol consumption is deemed impractical, and nighttime closures of alcohol vendors could detrimentally impact businesses. Bauzà acknowledges industry concerns and aims to address them while exploring the closure of establishments primarily offering alcoholic beverages during nighttime hours, according to the Mallorca Zeitung.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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